PiHole container on iHost?


I would like to see if I can run PiHole container on the iHost, but would need to have multiple ports for example -p 8182:80 for webpage and -p 53:53 for DNS.

is this possible? Maybe in a future release?


It should be possible, but it will take a while. Maybe 3-4 months, we will support this feature.


Thanks, I noticed that v1.7.0 has the option to use multiple ports!! thanks… but I can not use port 53 for DNS… why does the iHost use port 53? Can this be changed?

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Any news on this? I tried running the pihole docker image on iHost but it fails with error “Failed to respond, try again later”

Ok I was able to run pinhole image. Unfortunately ihost doesn’t let you map port 53, so it’s kind of useless. If not possible to use that port, my next try was using a custom port for DNS, so I could map for example 5335:53 and configure my devices to use DNS server like [ihost-ip]#5335. Unfortunately I’m still not able to reach pinhole instance using this config. I have zero experience with pinhole, so any help would be welcome. At least the image runs so it’s a good start :slight_smile:

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how did you change password on your pi hole instance on ihost

I was trying to use adguard home as a docker image and run into the same issue. It seems the web interface has two issues:

  1. you can’t specify TCP/UDP in the port mapping
  2. it won’t let you use a privileged port (in my case, 53) claiming it is already used, which is possibly the case in order to serve “ihost.local”?

By the way, I tried both “host” and “bridge” mode with the basically the same result.

Suggestions? Open a tickety? Anything else?