Support for additional IP addresses

Since the services in docker containers often wants to map common ports (80, 53, 443, etc) for their functions, maybe ihost could grow a settings section to listen on more IP addresses (at least for eth0) so we could give different IPs to running containers

My understanding is that containers already have different IPs and this is how they talk to each other but they hide behind the host IP address so it only appears to be one.

That is exactly the issue: docker containers will try to bind some ports in use on the host and fail. In some cases you can change the port (for instance, a webapp can be served on 8080 instead of 80) but some you can’t (in my case, port 53 for a dns server)

So the host is already using the port you want and the docker you have does not allow port forwarding in its set up? Is that correct?