Creating additional subdomains on ihost for containers

I want to know if its possible to create additional domains for the containers on ihost? like the standard ihost.local, I would like to have for example homeassistant.local, or maybe ihost.local/homeassistant; nodered.local, and so on. The idea is that my browser could then recognize them as different services.That would be useful for example when saving passwords on safari keychain. Right now it tries to overwrite the saved password of the iHost admin with the one for accessing other containers, because its the same host, only different port.

I accidentally overwritten the saved password of the ihost admin with the home assistant user password, because safari thinks its the same “website” :man_shrugging:

I don’t have iHost so it’s hard for me to say anything specific.

Does iHost have the ability to set different IP addresses per component? Then it would be enough to add the domain and the correct IP address in the OS HOSTS file.

Another option is Firefox Multi-Account Containers…

hi, Theoretically, ihost cannot register multiple domain names.
but you can add some domain names to your hosts file
here’s how to:
1.on your windows computer, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc to edit the hosts file with notepad
2.add ip and domain you want to last row, for example: homeassistant.local homebridge.local
the IP = your iHost IP
save the changes to the hosts file.
3. refresh the DNS in a CMD window by command ipconfig /flusdns
3. now you can visit your iHost via the two domains you added, BUT rememer to add the coresponding port, like