【Add-on Guide】Adguard Home - Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server


iHost is capable of running an Adguard server, which enables you to have a small adguard local server, possibly enabling other LAN devices to have some ad protection.
Here is how:

  1. Create a volume named adguardhome or similar.

  2. In the add-on list, search for adguard/adguardhome and add it to your local list.

  3. After adding, go to it on the list and click Run.

  4. As Optional settings:
    Network: host
    Host volume: adguardhome, or whatever you created in step (1)
    Add-on volume: /opt/adguardhome

  5. In filebrowser/filebrowser add-on, map the adguard volume to a browse-able folder.

  6. Open filebrowser and edit file adguardhome > conf > AdGuardHome.yaml.
    Change http > address property, choosing a not used port (3001 in my case). The default port 3000 is already used by the add-on itself.
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  7. Restart the adguardhome docker instance.
    After that you can access web ui in http://[ihost]:3001

    (maybe you can run it as bridge and choose which ports to open)


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