Option for not losing access to remote PC

Hi I bought my PCI device to turn on computer remotely with the app on my phone.
The app was working fine. But after some weeks I lunched the app on my phone with mobile data and said I was log out. After log in again it said can not turn on the computer. Tried many times with the same result.
When I was in my home tried the same over wifi and it worked!
My question is if I go far away for weeks how can I be sure that the app will work to o its job? Can I also put the app in a laptop to have a backup way to do the same?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Have you checked the phone’s cellular connection permission for eWeLink app?
It seems a connection issue not a device one.

I did not change any permission on the phone.
What can be changed that affect it?

Is there a way to run a client from other computer and also turn on the other computer over the internet?

Thank you.

Hi there, when you’re away from home, is the device offline? Sometimes if you lost remote control to the device just because it’s offline and you will not be able to access it. Also, there are some reasons for its offline, such as, unstable wifi connection at your home.

Hi Peter
The computer with the divice is a meter away for from the router, that gives it wifi to it.
And the phone where the App is installed is with wifi in other location.

Is there something that makes the device or the App to suddenly log out? Is there a backup plan for that?

Thanks for the info, jose. Is the device showing offline in your eWeLink App? You can try pairing the device to your App again. If the issue persists after repairing, please raise a support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Help & Feedback. Our support team will help look into the root cause of the issue.

Hi Peter. It happened again, now with wifi. The app log out without reason (I’m attaching a screenshot).
I can re-pair if I have physical access to the PC again, but will it happens if I go traveling for months and I am depending on this device? Do you provide a backup way to let me turn the PC? Can be a desktop app or a web where I can log in for example.
Thank you for your support.

This is after a new login, the app do nothing with the device beyond this working. This is not conected with the local network:

Hi jose, based on the screenshots you provided, we suggest you reach out to our support team via eWeLink App > Profile > Help & Feedback. Please submit these screenshots and the issue description when submitting a ticket. Our team will further into it and help you out asap. Thank you for your patience.