eWeLink not working anymore

I’m using eWeLink for 2 years now but since about 2 weeks I can’t control anything from my PC anymore. The advanced plan has not expired and there are no issues with WiFi coverage.
All can still be operated and accessed via the mobile app. Has anyone experienced something similar in the past?

Describe the problem more precisely.

What does not work and in what circumstances, the statement that ewelink does not work is very broad… eWeLink is the entire ecosystem model for sonoff, starting with the application, then the cloud with a web panel and the CAST solution.

Hi Morgan, anything I try to switch or select via the eWeLink Web panel is not reacting anymore.

I made a quick screen video. As you can see I’m switching the “Alarm” on in my studio. It looks like it has switched. After refreshing the web page and selecting the same element it’s still off. I can do this with any of my devices. Not knowing the status makes the web thing useless (but it used to work).

I see…

And all devices behave this way? Is there a physical change on the state device side, when you switch before refreshing the page? Or is ewelink web unable to control devices at all?

It looks like some kind of error on the cloud side, something is out of sync.
I’m afraid that an ordinary user won’t do much here.

Normally I would say delete the device in the app and add it again and see if it improves… but with your number of devices, if all of them actually have this problem, it will become problematic and you will probably lose scenes related to the devices.

The only thing I can suggest is to create a support ticket via the app and explain the problem in detail.

Unlikely, but check a different web browser to be sure.
See also how the situation is in the case of CAST web, although I speculate that it will be similar.

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Never say never! I don’t believe it, with “Edge” as browser (instead of Chrome) it works as it used to do!!
I still don’t understand it, but never mind. Deleting devices would be a nightmare with 145 (partly very complex) scenes. It’s always bad enough when I have to replace a device once in a while…
Thanks a lot!

It’s good that the problem was solved. :slight_smile:

It is possible that there is some bug in JavaScript at the script optimization level and that is why this is happening…

Nevertheless, it would still be worth reporting a ticket that such a problem occurs on this specific browser and version.

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