Does exist eWeLink for Windows? Is it possible to operate with my devices using the laptop?

I would like to have a parallel access to eWeLink, both: through my smart phone and through my laptop using Windows. Please is it possible?


Either directly through or setting up a Cast dashboard (via the web interface) and accessing it at

Yea, but I’m pretty sure you need the Sonoff advanced plan. The insider preview for windows 11 includes windows system for android and so I’d bet you can side load and android APK but it’d be a PITA.

Yes, it is possible to access your eWeLink devices through both your smartphone and laptop using eWeLink’s multi-platform capabilities.

You can join the eWeLink Advanced Plan to unlock eWeLink WEB. This allows accessing and controlling your connected devices through any browser on your Windows laptop or computer.

The Advanced Plan also includes the eWeLink CAST service, which lets you create up to 5 customizable dashboards to control devices and scenes. You can display chosen devices on each CAST dashboard, and then easily control them from the dashboards.