Does exist eWeLink for Windows? Is it possible to operate with my devices using the laptop?

I would like to have a parallel access to eWeLink, both: through my smart phone and through my laptop using Windows. Please is it possible?


Either directly through or setting up a Cast dashboard (via the web interface) and accessing it at

Yea, but I’m pretty sure you need the Sonoff advanced plan. The insider preview for windows 11 includes windows system for android and so I’d bet you can side load and android APK but it’d be a PITA.

Yes, it is possible to access your eWeLink devices through both your smartphone and laptop using eWeLink’s multi-platform capabilities.

You can join the eWeLink Advanced Plan to unlock eWeLink WEB. This allows accessing and controlling your connected devices through any browser on your Windows laptop or computer.

The Advanced Plan also includes the eWeLink CAST service, which lets you create up to 5 customizable dashboards to control devices and scenes. You can display chosen devices on each CAST dashboard, and then easily control them from the dashboards.

I know an old thread but hopefully can help
A similar query, I have sonoff thermostats, all work well from the google android app

I don’t see anyway to change the on/off temperature on Windows eWeLink Web
You can turn on or off, change auto to manual but cannot change the on/off

Scenes under construction but would rather use the same sort of control that the eWeLink App uses, not with a scene, just click the device/auto/ then set. Perhaps is just effectively a scene but still cannot do from windows/browser.

Tried the cast, but that seems to have even less control, no on/off or auto at all

Its for my staff to control & would rather on a PC that is always on, central & bit of a waste to have a phone or table just sitting there for that.

I do have the advanced subscription, I bought thinking it would allow this so bit dissapointed a waste of money

Follow up to a previous question. Windows 10. Chrome.
I could not get any of them to work so gave up but revisiting now as really want PC control

I already have the advanced plan.

Neither of below lets you change the temperature than it switches at, as I said originally all I can see is, Auto On/Off, or simple On/Off. no mention of temperature other than its current value.

"Either directly through or setting up a Cast dashboard (via the web interface) and accessing it at "

The other thing is it does not even seem possible to use scene’s,
I did not try very hard as do not like this option but only seem able to do ONE operation ON or OFF but not both. That smart device is not included in the list once you have chosen it before.

e.g. thermostats
turn On < 18 degrees
turn off > 19 degrees

I have a number of THR320 SONOFF
I am not sure if any settings are actually stored on the device, hence why I am trying to stick with the setting similar to the Android App as hope that is the case.

My concern is if internet goes down or signal drops, will the thermostat remember the settings.
Rather worrying if a LAN failure and the heating does not come on & not around to know the building with animals in now at freezing point!

My guess is that if you created a manual scene on your phone you could activate it using the cast or web app. Does the device you are connected to have Node Red? If it does you could get the temperature and display it on the node Red dashboard.

Edited to add: pretty sure the settings on the newer TH devices are cloud based, but the older ones are local. For example I have a TH10 turning on the dehumidifier in my basement. Most of the time it has a poor signal.

If you have a device with Node Red (NS Panel Pro or iHost I think) setting a persistent threshold is quite easy and I assume the TH320 is there. I don’t have one to check. If you change the settings file of the instal you just need to add what they call “context storage”so when you set values you can choose to save it to file. Then whenever the system boots it gets reloaded.

As an iHost owner who already has context storage that is what I would do because it doesn’t require the web outside your house to work. Also if you get an error message because the device is disconnected. You can wait X seconds and they again after Y seconds for a total of Z times. Think it just requires installing a counter node into the palette and then dropping a switch node to catch errors, a delay node, a trigger node to handle subsequent errors, a counter node to count the number of errors and then a switch node to make sure 0 errors wasn’t counted. I make that 5 nodes in your ring. Don’t know how eWeLink Cloud handles connection errors. Guess they try again a bit but haven’t seen it documented how many times or how long they wait.

Edited to add: I forgot you need to add a reset to the counter. It’s just a single change node setting the to true connected to the success output on the first switch. Just remember when it resets the counter will output 0, which explains why the last switch is needed.

None of the scenes are stored locally, everything related to scenes happens on the cloud side. The exception to this is iHost.

The only settings that can be kept locally on the device are schedule, timer… but only until a power outage, if the device loses power all settings disappear and have to be downloaded again from the cloud.