Use of eWeLink Web to schedule on and off dates and times

I have just upgraded to Advanced Plan on eWeLink Web hoping to be able to edit the schedule for devices exactly as I do using the app on my iPhone. I cannot find how to do this on my laptop.

What is it that you would like to edit?

Thats because it is not supported yet.

eWelink and Sonoff are still premature as a whole solution.
the end-point devices (eg light switch, sensors) are great individually and still might be manageable in a small scale via a mobile device.

big number of items or more complex scenes are a big hassle to handle from small screen such as mobile device and any attempt i had with Sonoff iHost or even eWelink Web (paid solution) failed and only shows limited options and unsupported devices.

bottom line, do you want to automate your home heating? yes
Do you want a smart house? not yet mature as a solution.

I want to choose day(s), time and on/off for each device using eWeLink Web exactly as I do using eWeLink App on my iPhone.

There’s a setting called “Effective period” for that. Try it.

Alternatively or additionally, you could try Home Assistant :houses: