Any ideas on device timers or device schedules you are expecting

:100:eWeLink is still digging deeper into the function design of device timers and device schedules, and we’d love to invite you to improve the features together.
Any expected project you would like to use device timers/ device schedules to achieve? Join in the discussion!

Please add more device schedules, especially for the 4ch

You can add new logic block in the routines. Like a “if”, “if else”, etc… It’s crazy that you have to do 4 routines to turn a light on and off with 1 RF button

Have power on status for a device check the device schedule to see whether it should be on or off

If eWeLink can allow users to activate more than 8 timers, we have already discussed this with our tech team. It depends on the repository inside the chip. Currently, device timers are saved at the device hardware, and they think that it doesn’t have enough space to activate more than 8 timers at the same time.

Great suggestion. And we did plan to provide more configurable items with the notification, and yes it will be more personalized to everyone to set the notification. We hope it can make it happen later this year, :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: it’s a spoiler