DST coming again (Oct 2023 edition)

(I see this was already discussed here: https://forum.ewelink.cc/t/dst-coming-again/7589, but ended without any smart solution)

Am I the only one having nightmare everytime I think that I’ll have to manage DST in Ewelink?

Are there ways to easily change DST in ALL the timers?

Ewelink allows to change all timers in block, but it works only on ‘active’ timers, and this leaves a total mess with some timers correct and some others not. And therefore it seems to be a lot easier to change the timers one-by-one, but is quite a BIG pain.

Or can we convince the programmers that Ewelink should always refer to the nation’s official time? I don’t see ANY reason why timers/scenes shouldn’t follow DST automatically!

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This nightmare does not appear to be solved… I have found that not knowing what is right and what is wrong after DST, I have bassed my scenes in SUNRISE/SUNSET…
WEWLINK does not want solve this problem, and I thing this is a crucial cuestion: If time changes, all must change in the same way

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I get the feeling they need to address the time related engine in its entirity…

not being able to set “no motion for x time” is frustrating
not being able to set “trigger if between x time and y time - and also other input state”

I have to admit - I was super happy to at least see sunrise and sunset recently added - so thats an awesome sign at least.

If they can add that (which is location based too) - I would think a checkbox to add DST to the calculation should not be hard for them…

Hello, but right now, ewelink what time use?
For example, if i set time 23.00 it address time to gmt? Gmt+1? Gmt+2? Bmt? Or whatelse?


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I believe it uses ‘time’ in local mode.

It works the same way of a dumb wallclock. You set it and, when DST starts/stops, you have to correct it by one hour, BY HAND! And this must be done for each device, and for each timer/scene!

As I said before Ewelink has an option to do group edits of all timers/scenes. But group edit doesn’t work on ‘disabled’ timers/scenes and therefore it leaves you with a messy mix of updated/non-updated timers/scenes.

Really stupid handling of DST from Sonoff, when IMHO it should be the first option to be automatically managed in a smart system!

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