DST coming again

Tonight DST again… I am not demanding advanced features: SIMPLY AUTOMATIC TIME ADPAPT to new time, as other IOT systems do.

Every DST everything gets crazy: Adjusting timers etc.

This madness has to finish


Agree. It’s totally nuts to think a smart device is so stupid…

Hi there. Please refer to the link below to adjust timers for DST.

Editing your timers back or forward simultaneously (coolkit.cn)

OK but If I have many scenes, and If I go to “STANDARD TIME TO DST” and apply to all scenes, tiem showed is NOT real time now.
THis is carzy. Every DST change I have to reordenate everything.
OTHER IOT ecosystems do this automaticaly, please you can not do this!!!
Is as simple a s put a DST ON/OFF!!!
IF I put an scene sarting al 21:45 scene has to start at 21:45!!!
I do not know why you do not change this
For example, sunset/sunrise works well after DST change. You konw what is my timezone and DST change
You can take my realtime from my phone.
I think your server write orders directly in my RF bridges. What is the problem???
You should know this ih the MAJOR PROBLEM you have with this IOT ssytem. That´s what I thin after some years of use
IOT is for doing things easier!!!


For the last 4 years 2x the same request and excuse over excuse. Not to fix it

But they have to know this is the biggest problem they have, until point I am thinking in changing IOT system, because my system now is very complex for these readjustmente every six months… Better flashing devices to other options… It,s a pity, but I will do that

It is the first modern application unable to integrate time changes. The current time is already in the phone, just go read it!
I only have one eWeLink device. It’s the first and it will be the last!
As long as this problem is not resolved.

I joined this forum to help developers, as I am ewelink user since some time… as IOT grows, with more devices, scenes etc. this stupid DST question gets very important because twice every years get my IOT crazy.

For people with one device and one scene could be the same, but wit a complex scene system DST implementation is a must

If I was in developing team, thsi will be THE FIRST question to solve, because this stupid question, for example, will cut market for this IOT system
For example, I am NOT going to use EWELINK in my mother house, because everything I do CHANGES TWO TIMES IN A YEAR, and THE FIRST I WANT when I create a Scene is STABILITY AT EVERYTIME
IF i want a device turns on at 8:00 AM everyday, is everyday at the same time

As said, I am looking on going to another IOT systems because I see the do not want to solve this, with arguments surrealistics

AAnothe problem is that I can change timers, but ¿what about periods? If I have a secene active in the 9:00 to 22:00 time period ¿How can I change this after a DST change?
Another argument for you to solve this as soon as possible

NOW I have timers running al 6:09 when the are programmed to run at 7:09 this is CRAZY
Timer have to run at programmed time. It is very easy