Newbie - set schedule for lights

Hi guys, newbie here, I would like to set a schedule where the lights turn on at sunset and switch off after 3 hours, how would I go about doing this on the eWeLink app?

Please assist, thanks

Go to Scene tab and create a scene, If sunset then turn on the light, delay for an hour and then turn off the light.
for now eWeLink support only 1 hour delay. if you need to delay 3hours, try to connect eWeLink with Alexa and create an Alexa routine (which is similar to ewelink scene)

Thanks Teki, how would I achieve this with Samsung SmartThings? As I do not have Alexa

For smartThings, the same you need to connect eWeLink with SmartThings (in eWeLink click the + button and select Link accounts), there is also also a routine (scene) feature in smartThings app, go to Automations - Add routine - custom -if sunset- then light on for 3 hour.
by the way, the Alexa does not require hardware, you can achieve this by the free Alexa app, too.

Thank you it works! Appreciate the assistance Teki