Schedules in ewelink

Would it be possible to double the amount of schedule settings. 8 is just not enough. Even if you put this facility into your subscription model. People will pay for this facility

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Actually, the capacities to save the number of timers do not decide by our server. It depends on the hardware chip capabilities.

By the way, in eWeLink Scene, you can create a scene and add “Time of Day” to the trigger. It works like a timer.

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Thank you. So will that increase the number of on/off settings you can have in a week. Now set at 8 max. I am using Sonoff TH16 switches to control heating in a local bowling club. There are not enough scheduled switching times available.

The timers in Scene are saved to the cloud, so there is no limit to the amount of Scenes you create. They won’t occupy the chip capacities. When you select “Time of Day” in Scene > Trigger to create a scene, it works like a Schedule.

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I will certainly investigate this and if a specific day can be set it is very useful. Even more useful if a date can be set. Ewelink removed this facility from schedules as well. This ability to set a specific schedule in a date in the future was a powerful tool and set you out in front of competitor’s. Making the Ewelink software fit the needs of home heating timers would open up a complete new market.

This is a great idea to add the ability to set specific dates in Schedule or Scene. We will note it down first and discuss with the team. Thank you!

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Thank you Peter. I do feel you would have cracked the timer scheduling problem with the ability to set a daily timer tied to a specific day in the week eg Mon, Wed, Fri on at a certain time off at a certain time.
Then the perfect addition is being able to schedule on and off tied to a future calendar date eg 30th March on at…off at…

Regards Terry

it would be great to add to the schedule or scene the ability to run from day to day, for example from 1.7 to 31.8 every year

Hey there, so it refers to add a period of time and it could repeat every year, right? I just came up with a question that, what kind of timespan you most require?

The other question is, what scenario this schedule or scene would be used to?

The Sonoff TH16 switches are used to switch 5 off motorised zone valves on a building heating system. The building requires more than 8 on/off settings per week per zone to achieve a weekly heating schedule.

There is also a requirement for certain zones to be switched on and off on a calendar date. This means for example on a Sat in 4 weeks time the function room heating can be set for a special event. At present the on/off time needs to be set within the week it is needed. Ewelink had this feature within schedules in a previous version and it was removed.

An example of the Calendar driven switching would be
Exhibition Hall heating to be switched on and off during the following dates
Sat April 8th 2023. On 18.00. Off 22.00
Fri April 21st 2023. On 18.30. Off 22.30
Wed May 10th 2023. On 20.00. Off 23.30

Dates between the above examples the room is not used so no heating required.

As an example I would give: in the summer I use a smart socket to control the cleaning of the pool and I would set the scene to run only from 15.4 to 20.10 or in summer the sunset lasts longer than in winter, so from 9.11. until 20.3 the sunset will trigger the scene - 15 minutes, from 21.3 to 15.6 it will trigger the sunset scene, from 16.6 to 20:9 it will trigger the sunset scene + 30 minutes and from 21:9 it will trigger the sunset scene. It would be an optimal solution in one scene, but apparently quite a problem, so I think 4 scenes would have to be set up.

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Thank you so much for the explanation! We surely will consider and look further into this feature.

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