Why limit 8 timer settings?

I feel extremely uncomfortable being limited to 8 timer settings.
I use automatic, but when wifi is lost, automatic doesn’t work

Hoping for a suitable answer from you

Hey biladen, thanks for reaching out.
The 8 timers are saved in the device. Due to the chip capacity limitations, it’s really hard to expand the number of timers.

As for your second question, your text mentioned auto mode but the screenshot shows Schedule. I’m a bit confused. The auto mode for newer device like TH Elite is saved to the cloud server. So it should stably connected to the wifi network. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

What chip do you mean? Its a huge step back this limit. If its a chip/device limit cant the application handle de changes? What’s the use of all this with the automation options if I need to manually change every that what’s starts and what doesn’t? its ridiculous …. hope there is a workaround otherwise its a huge NO to recommend this.

The chip is inside the hardware/device. The chip capacity limits the number of timers that are stored in the hardware. The reason why the timers are stored in the device is that the timers work well no matter the WiFi network or the cloud server is in good condition.

The timers in Scene are stored in the cloud server so to be honest, if the server is down, the scene doesn’t work.

Currently, I think you can bring it to manufacturers like Sonoff’s attention, as in eWeLink, we don’t manufacture devices and we’re not able to decide the hardware features:(

Thanks for the replay. I’ll check if I can combine timming settings with some additional scenarios (less reliable) to cover my irrigation needs otherwise plants will die this summer :frowning:
Still big surprise this chip limit…such a capable device with this huge fail… for 4 channels with just 2 schedules gives you already 16 timing needs…

From eWelinks perspective, a way to avoid this I would implement a feature where you can setup some interchangeable timings. you set both, when one completes, it changes with the other one in the background… I understand it wouldn’t be 100% reliable but maybe give that option with some coloring alerts…

Diego, I’m a bit confused about what “interchangeable timings” means. Could you provide more explanations?

I don’t understand your comment. Are you saying with newer devices the auto mode is only stored in the cloud or backed up to the cloud?

I kinda like auto being local to the device. For example I have a TH 10 on my dehumidify in my basement. I just leave it on auto dependent on relative humidity. The wifi down there is rubbish and it regularly disappears. Are you saying I could not upgrade it should it break?

For now I will use the auto-off for each channel to avoid programming an OFF time (and reduce my schedules by 50%).
What I meant of interchangeable, I thought the app maybe could handle over 8 timings, and internally (transparent to the user) change the “active in chip” 8 as needed (if no conflict of more than 8 overlapping at any time)