How to handle more that 10 timer settings

Hello! Got a 4 channel device. I have one of the channels with 2 daily settings (4 settings between ON and OFF). Another channel with 2 daily settings (4 settings between ON and OFF)… thats 8 already. and another channel with one daily ON/OFF currently disabled… but I now enterring the summer I need to schedule a third on/off setting for each and enable the 4th channel… how is this posssible with current limit??

The chip capacity limits the number of timers that are stored in the hardware. The reason why the timers are stored in the device is that the timers work well no matter the WiFi network or the cloud server is in good condition.

If you need more timers, create a Scene. Please note that the timers in Scene are stored in the cloud server so to be honest, if someday the server is down, the scene doesn’t work.

Thanks for the reply!
I followed up here:

Sorry, I just found a possible help… I found an option of Auto-Turnoff that you can set for each channel… So if I set on timing only the ON setting and each channel with its own auto-off, would that work well? Is that auto-off an online setting or depends on connectivity?