Virtual Device Goes Offline - V1.12.0

I’ve started using NodeRed with iHost and

Yesterday, I was successfully created a virtual device and could switch it on and off without issue. I upgraded to 1.12.0 today and the device stopped working. I recreated a new virtual device with a new GUID but any device I create goes offline immediately.

Hello, we tested version 1.12.0 and the functionality of registering and controlling virtual devices is working fine.

After the iHost reboots, the IP address may change, resulting in an inconsistency with the IP configured in the node-red node, which prevents you from accessing registered devices. It is recommended that you configure a static IP for the iHost in your router to prevent the IP address change from causing the error.

If you are still having problems, please submit a feedback ticket to the eWeLink team via the help center.

hi psavie

Did you get a resolution for this issue? I have the same problem.

I have raised a support call and got the same answer. Static IP address, deleting devices and recreating etc has not helped. I am getting nowhere towards a resolution

I have a sensor, created before the upgrade. That is still working. I note I am not using the on/off capability for htis, just sending temperature values

Yes, it’s resolved. I had already tried updating the IP address to the correct dynamic address with no success. After @songal responded, I deleted all the virtual devices, set up a DHCP reservation, rebooted and after that I managed to create virtual devices that I could control. I’m just using a couple of switches though that I control from node red. Are you using a new GIUD for each device ?

I have done the same steps. yes I am generating new GIUD each time I create a device. Unfortuantly it has not been sucessful for my implementation.

As I can’t get this working I have just been a little creative with a work around. I forced a Tasmota discovery message into MQTT broker for a switch. ICube tasmota addon saw that and created its own virtual device which works. That device is then exposed via the ICube matter bridge to GoogleHome.

I am using that to indirectly control WLED lights that do not have native GoogleHome control via NodeRed

Its a hack, but works

Hopefully my issue will go away with future updates. This work around will get me through til then