Help on how to use register device on Node-Red

I am testing out the Node-Red integration with iHost. Especially now working on the register device node.

So far I managed to create a few device, I can figure out the Category and the Capabilities.

I also understood that we can use the tags to set for example the default state for a switch, or the unit of measure of a temp sensor. But is it documented anywhere where are the different options for tags? Especially if I have a device with multiple capabilities? How can I enter the tags in that case? for example if I have a device with Toggle and Temperature capability as well?

And the question is the same for state. Where is it document what can I enter for the state?

And probably the next question, for example if I have create a sensor, or a button, how can I send in update? I assume I can send in a message with a special payload. I tried { "temperature": 20 }, { "state": {"temperature": 20 } }, { "status": {"temperature": 20 } }, { "temperature": {"temperature": 20 } } but none of them works.

Also if I create a switch, light device can I toggle it using the register device node, or I should use the control device node?


Also, related to the above question, when I tried to use the same node on NSPanel Pro, I just get an invalid paramter error message. The same settings that worked on iHost.

I just received my iHost and will not be able to play with it for a few days, so I am keen to follow your progress. My approach would be to start with the published API and look at the source code for each node to find out which API call(s) it implements. That could answer a lot of your questions.

At present, I do not know how to use this node correctly…

I think there will be some tutorials of how to use registered nodes published this week or next week