Offline notification for Zigbee devices

I have a Zigbee door/window sensor that only sometimes connects. It would be useful to know when it disappears but there is no Off-line notification for it or the Zigbee Hub (normal, not pro).
I have a heater near the door and would like it not to turn on when the door is open but it is not safe to do so. I am going to expand the mesh size when Zigbee basics are back in stock.
Also, in scenes I would like to be able to add a condition to say offline. So for example there I have a Zigbee motion sensor to turn on the heater. I would like it to turn on if there is motion and the door is closed or if it disconnects and we don’t know.

Another possibility is to allow multiple Sonoff Zigbee hubs in the same network. My Raspberry Pi3B recently died and I am currently setting up a 4b but I have a USB dongle too. I could potentially take over control from Home Assistant/USB dongle but use the Zigbee hub I have to extend their network.

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Found something else odd with the web interface:
Just tried clicking on a Zigbee Button using the web access. Not tried a dashboard yet. Nothing happened. Was expecting a click to equate with a button press. Am I missing something or is that function not present? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a momentary button on the web UI like other devices, including Zigbee switches, have toggles?