Offline alerts should be standard across all devices (with repeating alerts option ideally)

I have offline alerts for some of my devices - which I can use to alert if the device drops offline for whatever reason (if it loses power / is unplugged / battery runs out / etc)

I believe this optin should exist for every device
It would also be helpful if there was a checkbox to re-issue the alert (I’ve accidentally cleared alerts on my phone - and missed these actions before… which for some devices does not matter - but for security type devices like door open sensors, or cameras or motion sensors, can be much more important.)

Example of where this is missing - is the motion sensors I am testing, as well as the S-Cam Slim, and even the door open sensor (zigbee and wireless versions) - and even the zigbee bridge itself

Our team is adding Offline Alerts to more devices step by step. In the coming update, Offline Alerts will be available to the Zigbee bridges.

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