Notification when my sonoff device cuts from power source

I need a notification when my Sonoff device loses power. Because I have a lot of power outage in my area so I want know when my sonoff device is not available .

go to the desired device setting page and enable offline alert

By chance, these notifications do not arrive with a delay of 1 hour or per 1 hour… something is bothering me in the back of my mind.

@ward ? :slight_smile:

today i rebooted my main router , and got the notification within 5 min , i dont know if the delay caused by ewelink servers .

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This varies. You never know. Sometimes notifications come straight away, sometimes after a long time or not at all. I have not been able to observe any patterns. Not good for @arslanghouri263 plans :tipping_hand_man:


That’s what I thought… recently there was even a thread about notifications when the device is offline and I think there was a mention of different times. Unless I dreamed it… :slight_smile:

I knew I wasn’t crazy. :slight_smile:

It depends on the device itself. Like I mentioned in another post. Battery-powered ones tend to have longer periods while main-powered ones are more responsive.

You can alter this setting in some customized zigbee firmware but it would drain the battery quickly if it reports too much.

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And that explains everything. :slight_smile:

So, to sum up, if someone expects to have fast live monitoring for each device immediately when something goes offline, they should not count on it too much.