Can I receive offline information from ewelink device (to slack)?

I use ewelink products for edge devices to control power. I want to receive an alarm when the power is off and turn it on automatically again, but I don’t know how. I have subscribed to ewelink web but can’t find a way. How can I control the power?

I think it’s quite difficult for eWeLink to tell the device power down between offline or etc, because it’s the same offline status for eWeLink,
they put out a device feature named “power-on state” which allow us to set the state of the device when a power outage restored, this give me a great release, don’t need to control the device manually.

You can check the offline status by accessing eWeLink Web or the app. I use products for edge devices, and there may be issues such as power outages(blackout) in the location where the edge devices are installed. In this case, it appears offline on the web or app, but it is cumbersome to check it directly. Therefore, it would be useful in many ways if an alarm was given to notify the device that the power is off.

Agree, that’s why power-on state setting helps me a lot.

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We could consider adding an option to the device’s Settings - we’ll push a notification to your phone when your device goes offline. I wonder if this will meet your application needs?

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Hi Alexie,

It will meet my needs and help me alot!

Also you can allow push notification when device is in hidden mode and becomes available when power-on state always On!

Please make this option available!

Hey guys, we have launched the OFFLINE feature in the latest update, related discuss here Push notification on Power On state - #21 by leblinux, free to join us and shape the feature together.