Instant offline notification and mailing

Hey I need some assistance with if possible how can I get instant offline switch notification and email

From what I remember, if nothing has changed, it’s impossible… At least in a simple way. If you persist, it can be created with a lot of effort and additional resources, but I doubt you’d be interested in it.

There is no such functionality in eWeLink, I once tried to build it based on scenes, but it is not possible because certain mechanisms are not fully implemented.

The only option that worked for me was to use external mechanisms to control the status in ewelink app or ewelink web.
Macrodroid and observing the app and reacting or PageProbe and observing the ewelink web page and reacting. Doable but requires some work…


You can set offline notifications in the app; While there is no direct way to get email notifications for status changes.

Yes I’ve seen the offline notification and have tested it and the notification is fine it’s the response time of that notification can you set that somewhere

It is because of the logic that how our system tells if a device is offline.

Take a Zigbee device for example:

It usually sends a status report to the gateway every hour. If the gateway misses one of these, you’ll get a warning that the device is offline. But remember, there’s an hour-long gap between these reports.

Wi-Fi devices work similarly. If one keeps connecting and disconnecting or your router decides a channel switch, you’ll get flooded with notifications on your phone and our server. To avoid this, a preset duration is needed to confirm if it’s really unreachable.

The way it works is currently logical, of course, because of the flood… And one of the reasons why I would like to see the status of the device for transmitting via webhook, which I mentioned in another thread. :slight_smile:
Let the user worry about flooding, specific limits for webhooks and the rest you don’t care about. :slight_smile:

Currently, this can be done with a prosthesis. I did it using a dedicated browser (Firefox) and the PageProbe add-on and ewelink web.

Because in the web panel you can see the status change more or less quickly. Using PP, a specific option on the page (in the code) is observed live and, according to the configuration, when a defined trigger appears, it will perform an action.

But there are also some minor problems with it because each item to be observed requires a separate window, which again doesn’t work well with v3 where the number of simultaneous active sessions is limited. In v2 there was no problem with the number of active sessions at the same time, but there was a problem with how long such a session remained active, which could also be overcome with a few creative combinations. :slight_smile:

You can also do it with ewelink app and macrodroid in a similar way…

And these are actually the only possible quick reactions to changes in the device’s state that I know of at the moment. eWeLink did not offer and still does not offer anything close to “live status change notification”. :slight_smile:

There’s also a workaround for some devices:

You can set a power-recovery reaction, which should be more reliable compared with offline notifications