iHost Offline Alert

If the iHost goes offline it would be useful to know.
Currently joining UptimeRobot and will set it up to poll the robot from node Red but it’s be better if it was built in. Also I can’t separate between the iHost being offline and Node Red being offline., although this system still relies on the internet to be working. Maybe I should just get Home Assistant to ping iHost every hour and visa versa or something.

I have 5 temperature Zigbee sensors. Thinking I could connect them to a trigger node set to do nothing on first activation and then extend a 1 hour delay on any message then if I for any reason don’t get a message from any sensor it would notify me the Zigbee network is down.

As regards whole device going down I could get node Red on iHost and Node Red on Home Assistant to send an MQTT message every 45 minutes extending a 1 hour trigger node in a similar way. Then I’d now if the other was off. Can anyone think of a better way? Guess it’d work with an NS Panel Pro and an iHost too.

Or maybe there is a “ping” node palette already? I will have to search when I next have a big screen.