iHost Zigbee Connection error - Red Flashing light

Hi guys.

I am having the following issue which reccurs every 2-3 days which is rectified by turning off the iHost for half hour or so and powered back up.

iHOST loses connection to all Zigbee devices and red light starts flashing.

Is anyone having the same issue? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


what’s your iHost CUBE version? is it 1.5.3? and please let me know the device id

Hi Teki,

My iHost device ID is 1001e7ad9d
Ewelink Cube version is 1.5.3


Hi. I am again facing the same issue again. Connection to all zigbee devices is lost. LED light on iHost is still blue. As noted earlier, this is happening every other day which is solved by turning off the iHost for about 30 minutes and turning it back on.

hi, do you have any add-ons installed? are they working well?
another question, do you always need to wait for hald an hour before power on iHost? if you just reboot it will the devices reconnect?
please enable system log in iHost settings, and submit the logs via the feedback button, we’ll try to analyze.

Hi Teki.
I have only two add-ons installed - ewelink-smart-home and node-red. Both add-ons are working well.

This is what happens each time

  1. Zigbee connection is lost and I am not able to control any devices. (LED is blue)
  2. IT DOES NOT RECONNECT AFTER A REBOOT(after reboot, LED is flashing red)
  3. Now, I power it down for around half an hour and turn it back on. All Zigbee devices connect back (LED is blue again)

I already had the system log running. I have sent the logs using feedback button. Please have a look.

My Ticket is ID184080.

Thank you.

This issue has happened again. Yesterday I updated my iHost to 1.5.5.

The Zigbee connection was lost earlier today. However, I was not able to restore the connection by powering down iHost for a while and turning it back on. Even after a reset, red light is still flashing and it’s not pairing with any Zigbee devices. The add-ons in docker are working well. My only issue is with the Zigbee Coordinator in iHost. I will be sending system logs again via the feedback in iHost settings. Is there a chance that this is a hardware issue?