iHost 4G turns off after a while

Hello, I just bought iHost and it turns off after a while. Everything turns off, but the light and I have to hard restart it.

Also I get this error on eWeLink

==================request info begin===================

2024-02-11T17:05:19 [2024-02-11T16:05:19.659] [INFO] out - incoming request info: GET /api/v1/device?forceRefresh=false(I deleted this for security reasons)

2024-02-11T17:05:19 [2024-02-11T16:05:19.660] [INFO] out - incoming request query: {“forceRefresh”:“false”,“appid”:“a1MUtJLPDaIfZfe9”,“ts”:“1707667519609”}

2024-02-11T17:05:19 [2024-02-11T16:05:19.684] [ERROR] out - get iHost device res------------------------------ { error: 400, data: {}, message: ‘headers.Authorization is invalid’ }

2024-02-11T17:05:19 [2024-02-11T16:05:19.685] [INFO] out - get iHost device fail,token invalid------------------------- clear

2024-02-11T17:05:19 [2024-02-11T16:05:19.687] [INFO] out - deviceList synced in iHost----

Is iHost itself turn off or the devices in it?
The problematic device, is from smart-home add-on or zigbee?

Please submit your system log.
If the device did came from smart-home add-on, submit your smart-home add-on log also.