I think I bricked my iHost. Help?

Hi peeps,

My iHost was working 100% after purchase. It was plugged into a USB hub which got powered off doing a hard shutdown on the iHost.
Since then, the light just remains red, and it seems to be in a boot loop. I can hold the reset pin in for minutes and the boot loop just continues.

I have verified the network cable and router are 100% by plugging in other devices without issue.

Any ideas? Any assistance appreciated.

I left it on overnight. After about 6 hours of being connected, it got a network connection. lol

May i know why are you shut down the iHost by schedule?

Just never thought about it. I unplugged the hub to move everything - did not think the iHost was so fragile.

Anyway - about 12 hours after I posted that post it came online. Didn’t touch a thing. Just left it - and it turned blue with it’s little chime about 12 hours later.
I accessed the iHost web UI, and all seemed normal.
It went offline shortly after this again - and stayed orange for a few hours again. No web UI access during this time.
When it came back online again, I saw it had a new firmware update so I applied it. Since then it has remained online.

I am however using an old laptop as my Home Assistant cos the iHost only picks up my Sonoff 2 gang switch, and that’s it. I got door sensors, motion sensors, cameras, etc… from other brands and the iHost cannot see any of them. Probably needs a few more firmware updates.

have you tried to pair your sensors to iHost? are they zigbee devices?
for the cameras, if they are ONVIF cameras, or if they support RTSP, then they can be added to iHost.
it would be help if you can let us know the brand&model of your devices.