IHost doesn’t work (still)

Wasted lots of my time talking to Yitie who said nothing helpful. I have devices connected by wifi to the same router as the iHost that don’t work and isn’t even made by my ISP and have tried multiple routers anyway.

What is the point in having Sonoff customer support if all they do is waste time and talk nonsense? Just save money an close the department.

The only hope I have is that a future firmware update will solve the problem. Whoever is in charge of customer support at Sonoff should be fired because it’s always useless. I’ve had multiple problems and they have not once ever said anything helpful. All they do is ask for videos of static things and try to shift the blame to things that make no sense. I have 28 Sonoff things and now I give up and switch to something else.

Have you downloaded the correct plug-in to sync your devices currently connected to your ewelink account?

I assume you have downloaded the ewelink-smart-home extention to the docker. I had a problem with syncing those devices when I used the WebUI interface offered in the iHost UI, however when I accessed that extention in a browser (ip address of iHost + port 8321) and hit sync there it worked for me and devices displayed in the main interface.

Yes, been through all the basic stuff, which is why they are now blaming my ISP even if I use a router not from my ISP or connected to my ISP.

Yes. I’m using a web browser too haven’t tried specifying that port though. The iHost can see the. I can control them with the internet disconnected from my house using my phone but they refuse to sync.

And now my SD card is refusing to appear, although works in my bike camera and windows computer. I’ve had an SD card fail on my Raspberry Pi and it stopped working everywhere.

The USB port doesn’t work for memory. I’ve tried and it crashes the iHost until you remove it. This is a pity, as I’d like to have attached an SSD.

You say you are using a router not supplied by ISP. Assuming you are using the modem from the ISP and assuming the modem has routing capabilities, have you set one device to bridge mode so only one device is responsible for issuing IP’s?
I also had issues with my ISP modem blocking downloads that didn’t meet the security profile, had no warning it just would not run.
When there are so many variables and third parties between devices and the cloud server there are bound to be issues.
Try a fresh memory card and hit format.
Going elsewhere will only lead to similar issues. I’ve tried Home Assistant, Hubitat, Openhab, Domoticz and had problems to overcome. Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Zwave same deal from time to time problems. Next will come Matter and there will be problems there too. It’s part of the deal. It’s not going to be plain sailing all the time.

Not going to buy a new SD card. That would be throwing good money after bad. I’ve already tried two SD cards that both work in action cameras and my PC.
I’ve j stoked Home Assistant on a RP and linked to a google developer account etc. this is far more rubbish. Worst purchase I’ve made in a long time.

Oh dear you’re not happy. Never mind I’ll get you a tissue.

Of course I’m not happy. I’ve paid for junk.

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iHost Useless
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - 14:50:00

2 x 256 TF Cards - neither recognised or able to format on both 1.5.3 AND 1.5.5.

Spent considerable time attempting to get this device to do something. So far it’s been a complete waste of time and money.

Additionally can’t put feedback in as it cuts off the email address and every time it reboots it grabs another ip address which is very time waisting and annoying. Need to be able to give it a static ip address.

Most annoying piece of hardware I’ve bought in years!

Does not function as advertised.

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They really need to enable the USB storage like is advertised in the specifications on their own website.

In the meantime try a 32GB SD/TF card. I did after repeated failures with good fast cards that were bigger. Then I tried an old slow rubbish 32GB and it worked. I had to search for such a low capacity card.

I appreciate the disappointment of many iHost owners. Big promises & not much more :frowning:
Currently a rPi can deliver far better.
I try to be philosophical. I’ve invested time, effort, and money in lots of things which turned out to be rubbish. Usually I learn a lot along the way :slight_smile:
For me, the learning is the best bit.

My Ihost currently is running just fine for quite a while although I had SD card issues at first too. But the feature set is quite limited. :frowning:

Currently I play around with Node-RED for all kind of non-eWeLink devices and it is quite fun to play around with. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope good bugfixes and new usefull features will arrive soon.

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A Raspberry Pi can do Matter Control but does not Bridge devices to matter, whereas a the iHost can’t do control but is apparently a bridge. I haven’t experimented yet. I have both. Going to get a SkyConnect Matter Dongle. I don’t know why they don’t do matter bridging on Home Assistant - maybe there is too wide a variety of devices. If the iHost matter bridging is good they would be complimentary. The last I read was quite limited, but that dates from months ago.

Very bad experience with iHost, tomorrow will bring back to the shop. its very difficult to reach over web site, some times its just get lost, you need to reboot again… rubbish!