LAN failure causes ihost failure

LAN failure causes ihost failure. unable to send feedback. Unable to search for add-ons. You cannot log in to the ewelink smart home add-on. The problem disappears after restarting IHOST.

The problem can be repeated by removing the LAN cable and reconnecting it.

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Thx for the feedback,

Have reported the issue to the product team.

Which firmware version are you using by the way?

v 1.14.0.

I didn’t notice this problem with previous versions.

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Hi All,
I realized exactly the same (post: Bye Bye ihost - #70 by istvan).
I am pretty sure, this came with 1.14., since i did not face this issue with the former firmware.

Unfortunately no solution yet…


I have a node red automation that turns the Zigbee switch to my router off and 30s later on.

When it is off presumably both LAN and WAN fail but the router Zigbee switch turns back on. I tested this. How are you accessing the iHost user interface when the LAN is down? My Zigbee switch was the only way I thought to test it but maybe I should try plugging the iHost directly into a computer using the Ethernet port and getting the computer to assign IP addresses…

Hi all,

The issue will be fixed in the upcoming version.

Thx again for your feedback!

great news. when can we expect an update?

This month, packed with the zigbee upgrade


When there is a beta version of the update, I will be happy to test it.

Thx for your kindness. But the June release does not open up for public testing at the moment.

Ok. I recommend myself for the future.
Is this update supposed to be out now or at the end of June?

It’s already in testing phase :face_with_peeking_eye:

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can we get the updates now. I’m tired of restarting ihost every day. :cry:

I can’t guarantee a solid date, its ETA is later this month. As that’s a large update in foundational components we need more time for testing team.

Why do you need to restart it? Is there any issue?

the router is restarted every day.

I don’t have access to the router to turn off automatic restart.

LAN loss causes ihost failure.

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@ward any news of having matter hub functionality at ihost ?

But it probably won’t happen soon. :thinking:


Sorry I cannot guarantee a solid date for this feature.