Zigbee P bridge security features and RF door sensors

Im wanting to utilise the security features in the Zigbee P bridge and use the RF door sensors.

Would it be possible in the future to make the Home, Away and Sleep mode be a condition in scenes?

if condition - zigbee P is Away and RF door sensor activates
Then - send notification, turn security lights on ect.

Hi there, what does “zigbee P is away” mean here?

He Peter. I’m talking about the different security modes that n the zigbee P bridge.

I’m hoping it’s possible to make the “away” mode a condition in scenes. So when I Arm the security features in the bridge to “Away” not only can I have my zigbee devices be turned on I can create a scene using the “away” as a condition to send me notifications.

So if zigbee P bridge is in away mode. And RF sensor opens. Then send notification. And/or turn on lights.

Also I’m sure people would find useful to have the “home” and “sleep” modes as conditions aswell.

Thanks for the explanations. We will bring it to our tech team and evaluate its feasibility. By the way, as for adding RF sensors to the condition, we have questions about it. Due to the 433 protocol, it’s like a single-way communication, on our side, it’s hard for us to know whether it’s actually open or not.

I know the RF sensor stuff is very basic and only sends communication when opened. But that’s all you need. It’s not like the Sonoff zigbee P is smart enough to know a device is open and to not arm. It still arms. So no different if an RF sensor is open or closed. You just want to know when it opens, which it does communicate.

I’ve come up with a workaround solution!
Ive been playing around and used a spare MiniR4 as a “virtual relay” (waste of a MiniR4) this is where you could use the AWAY in place of the miniR4. Or something I’ve suggested in the past, be able to actually create virtual relays.

I’ve then created a manual scene that turns on the miniR4 virtual relay and also puts the zigbee P in “away” mode.

I’ve then created an auto scene that when the virtual relay is On, AND the RF sensor opens it send a notification.
This seems to be work pretty well
However I would have to create this auto scene for every RF sensor.

On a side note, I have yet another idea to get around this cumbersome and messy programming. It would be good to have a combination of “if all conditions are met” and “if any conditions is met”, like an “Or” condition. Or maybe you could make a Group of devices that have an “any condition” logic but the group is under the “all condition” logic.

It could look like this with the “Or” idea.
If all conditions are met
Virtual relay is On
And Door sensor 1 triggered
Or. Door sensor 2 triggered
Or. Door sensor 3 triggered
Or. Door sensor 4 triggered

Send notification and whatever else you want it to do.

And with the group idea it could look like to this
If all conditions are met
Virtual relay is On
And any condition in “Door sensor Group“
Send notification.

Sorry I’ve gotten a little off track there. Back to what I’ve been testing.

Then I have another manual scene that turns off the virtual relay and puts the zigbee P in home mode. Stopping the notifications.

Sorry lots of information, I hope it makes sense.