ZB bridge-pro trigger

I ask if it will be possible to build scenes that activate a device if the zbbride state is home or away. Thank you

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You can stick two NFC tags at the door and create two NFC scenes that can be activated with a swipe of your phone when you get home or leave home.

That is the quickest way to initial scenes.

You’re right and that’s what I do (I simulate)thanks to the SNZB-01 switch/button. I have three scenes:
1 With one click I enable the bridge-pro in AWAY.
2) With two click I enable the bridge-pro in HOME.
3) when the door sensor is open it enables the ZBMINI switch and thus activates the connected siren.
Now, when it is in AWAY the door sensors send notification and when it is in HOME state the door sensors do not send notification even if they change state.
I thought that in the HOME state, not receiving notification of an open sensor, siren scene 3 would not be triggered. Unfortunately this is not the case. Scene 3 continues to enable the siren even when the bridge-pro is in HOME security.
Thanks for your further advice

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100% agree

I also find it super annoying that the suggested response, instead of a small software update which everyone can benefit from - is always “but why don’t you spend money - and make a much more complicated solution” :frowning: