Nspanel temperature with decimals

Yes, NSPanel indeed, not NSPanel Pro.

Great news, I really hope it happens this time @Daniel_Zhan

i Hope that it comes tierd of this shit

@Daniel_Zhan I am looking forward to the NA Panel firmware upgrade this month so we can all use the thermostats with some accuracy :slight_smile:

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The new NSPanel firmware is going through our internal overall test. It will be released once the test is done.

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That is great news :slight_smile:

Hi @Daniel_Zhan how is the testing?

The update is coming, the latest info will be posted on our Facebook page. :slight_smile:


Fantastic news!

Will v1.5.0 fw have greater thermostat precision? 0.1 degrees?

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yes, and the thermostat temperature configuration range will be enlarged as well.


Sounds great!

When is the estimated release date for v1.5.0 fw?

The new firmware is released today, you may receive the update in 2-3 days as it rolls out to each user incrementally.


Is there a change-log?

And when is the nspanel pro update planned?

Great news @Daniel_Zhan I am checking my app every hour for the update!

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Anyone already get the update ?

It’s a no from me

Nope I haven’t had it yet