Nspanel temperature with decimals

Updating right now!

So far so good!
Please note the thermostat function must be ON to save the new settings (0,5 C and device state)

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Mine has updated to 1.5.0. Thanks ewelink team!

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IT WORKS !!! THANKS Ewelink :heart:

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It certainly seems much better now!

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Has anyone noticed that the temperature decimal isn’t stable now. For example it will flicker between 20.5,20.7,20.8,20.5 degrees during a small timeframe of 60 seconds or less…

also I’ve just seen it change from 21.5 to 20.6 to 21.5 so something really strange going on…

Also the date display format month/date is done date/month in the uk. I don’t see any way to change it?

Also the temperature calibration can be adjusted by a minimum of 1 degree in the app, 0.1 degree would be more useful as the thermostat has decimals.

The nspanel temperature seems to round up or down the integer value when the decimal is near .5, it then adds or subtracts the 0.5.
So for example when the display should say 21.5, it says 22.5 or 20.5. See history logs attached.

When room temperature is x.5 degrees and temperature accuracy is set to -+0.5 the heating cycles on and off repeatedly which is not good.

Surely this must be a bug if the firmware?
It’s unusable like this!
Anyone else noticed this?

I noticed this instability / flickering too.

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Glad it’s not just me noticed this.
Also the temperature calibration in the app only allows increments of 1 degree. We need 0.1 degree calibration.
How was this tested before release.
Is the hardware capable of 0.1 degree accuracy or has the firmware just faked it.

What are you discussing? The NSPanel software has not been updated for many months. This is apparently the first update (1.5.0) in almost a year. And what are the eWeLink people coming with? Compare any alternative software project and you will see for yourself what development and improvement means. What they offer should put them to shame. There is nothing to be excited about because what they have done is just a sick joke.

Why are you so thrilled about it? It should work as advertised since day one. There nothing to thank for. After all, you did pay for it.

Good for you here it works i dont use the intern termometer i use zigbee bridge and a zigbee termometer and i dont se eny fault at all works perfectly … what thy should have had att start is nothing its what we have now its better then before so stop wine ab it and hope there comes more updates or just reflash whit espHome and get even more out of it

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And if u dont like it just sell it or re flash it = dont wine ab it it works now its the importance here


1 degree? i can now set 0.5 under termostat settings if u cant set it u need to update the app

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0.5 degree is the thermostat temp setting accuracy.

1 degree is the minimum room temperature calibration.

Ok i dont use that as i use external temp sensor

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You are the dream customer of Sonoff/eWeLink indeed. You enjoy anything, have low expectations and get agitated by some crappy changes. I am not whining, I have expectations and thus expect the advertising assurances to be kept. Don’t like my stance, don’t read my posts.

in the NsPanel June upgrade Thread you say this!! (its not a problem for you!!!) it sounds like a big problem for you as you are barking ab it :laughing:

Your intellect is like the NSPanel software - underdeveloped.

:laughing: :laughing: :crazy_face:

But at least you’ve got a sense of humour :man_shrugging: