NSPanel Pro in Node-Red

I have been connecting to my NSPanel Pro from nodered following this instructive:
I already got the Token from the Panel, so in the event-state or control-device nodes I see my zigbee devices. I also see an ihost, even though what I have is an NSPanelPro, so I assume part of the software was somehow ported to the Panel without the complete change on the configuration.
I see three “control” options, I can change the volume, the ringtone or the arming-state. I tried this options, the ringtone and volume respond with errors, the arming-state has only the option to “disarm” (I assume because I haven’t configured the safety part) and the command seams to be received by the Panel (the screen was woken up from sleep when I sent it)
Has anyone else been working with this?

I am also intrigued about the “functional” differences between having the Panel and the ihost.

This is actually my second panel, the first one lost all ewelink software after playing too much with it. After doing a factory reset, I ended in the pre-release state where the device was expecting an activation code in a chineese app. Is there a way to recover from that state?