New device

I propose to evaluate the proposal for the creation of a new device. A very useful device would be a machine vision device. identification of a person by face, identification of gestures. Users who are deprived of the ability to speak or communicate with a voice assistant will be especially grateful. After creating such a device, ewelink and sonoff will significantly rise above other smart home systems!!!


Thank you for your proposal, we have always been committed to making users’ life easier through smart home, but for machine vision, we are not familiar with it at the moment, but we will keep an eye on it, whether it’s our own research and development or cooperation with professional partners, and we hope that someday we will be able to serve the group of users that you are talking about!

I watched a video on YouTube about such devices. And people assemble such devices themselves. As a person who does not know how to program, this is difficult for me. For a person who has a basic understanding of programming, this is very simple. You need a video camera and software. ewelink you just need to submit a request for such a device to sonoff. And on your part, you just need to implement this device into the scripts. The scene algorithm is the same as for other devices - I give a command to the device, it processes it and transmits it to ewelink… The most difficult thing is to develop the device, and everything else is a trifle!!! just apply to sonoff. Such a device is necessary not only for disabled people, but also for other people. for example, you can turn on the TV, close the curtains, turn off the lights / switch off, open / close the door, execute a manual script, execute a script without creating unnecessary noise in the evening by turning to an assistant and without picking up the phone, or reaching for a smart button with a simple movement of your hand by recognizing the faces of family members… such a device will be the most progressive device of all released devices!!! Moreover, a similar device has already been released by aqara - the aqara-G3 camera with gesture recognition, but it is not very functional in terms of the number of recognized gestures.