Improving the design and functionality of ewelink app

Greetings. I would like to suggest the following improvement.
a) camera s-cam - the camera really lacks image magnification. It will be very nice to be able to remove or add unnecessary buttons below the camera image so as not to clog the screen.
b) it is necessary to make it possible to attach device buttons to the camera, so that when entering the camera it would be possible to observe the execution of commands of certain devices. Binding the camera to the buttons as already done is good and so be it. My improvement suggestion is to improve ewelink.
2. Refinement of the ewelink interface - automation is priceless, but visual control is also very important and you need to have a user-friendly interface.
a) you need to do an independent sorting of devices in separate rooms.
b) you need to make a room of selected devices (at the moment it is impossible to duplicate the same device in different rooms and this upsets)
c) it would be nice to be able to use both the list of devices and tiles in the rooms at the same time.
d) it will be useful to have access to the camera broadcast directly entering the room.
e) rendering rooms would be a very good step in the interface. Assign your own background to each room - upload your photos to the rooms.
f) manual scene icons are very boring and there are very few of them.
3. What can you say about the insufficient functionality of zb devices? When can we expect new features like wifi???
4 . When will support for universal infrared remotes appear?
And an additional question. There are rumors that sonoff will release a curtain control device. Can you tell me when it is expected to be on sale ???