L2 controllers does not re-connect to WiFi after power outage

Older version of L2 or app used to have the option to select an RGB or White mode to the main screen of the device, making the L2 controller suitable to drive white LED strips. But that option was removed time ago and is needed in order to be able to control white stripes with the same controller. Orherwise ewelink and Sonoff is at disvantage with Tuya that effectively offers while LED controllers.

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When there are power outages, not only the L2 come back on MUSIC mode what makes them flash colors “randomly” what is very annoying by itself, but lately if they try to connect to WiFi before WiFi comes back, they do noy retry connection anymore and does not allow to conenct over bluetooth as well. Seems the controller is hung up. Few month ago, they use to retry and connect by itself with no issues or allow to be controller by bluetooth. This happens on FW 1.2.0 and HW ALT-GTA-GL

Things that needs to be fixed on L2s in order to have an usable product and remain competitive

  • Fix the WiFi re-connect issue
  • Add POWER ON setting
  • Add external switch capability (similar to MIni R4) to be able to turn it on / off by external key or ewelink client devices. (click tunr on/off, long press dimm light up/down)
  • Restore possibility to configure a white mode, suitable to drive white LED stripes or devices (12V dicros / AR111) fixtures

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Looping SONOFF @Daniel_Zhan