IR Blaster


i’d like to move my broadlink rm mini into ewelink compatible ir blaster, is there any hardware that can be added to ewelink?
zigbee or wifi…

Hi. I am not going to ask you why. I only add this. I too have the Broadlink RM Mini. Drives two separate A/C in two parts of the house. They never need any tweaking. They work all the time. Most reliable IoT device I use.

I did complement my RM Mini with one more thing though. I also use the Flic 2 button. I use Alexa routines to turn the A/Cs on and off and on an Alexa timed routine, to tell the RM Mini to turn the A/C’s on/off. Great addition.


i’ve several houses and the broadlink app seems not to works fine with that scenario when i add the account on google home.
sometimes devices disappear on g.home, sometimes they are duplicated.
With ewelink all works fine.