Broadlink IR/RF Controller Integration

Hello, is there an way to Integrate Broadlink to the Cube?
I have to Controle some Devices with my Broadlink RM 4 Pro but i cant find an way to add my Broadlink to the Cube.


for now there’s no official add-on to support this, maybe if there are some developers willing to develop an add-on for Broadlink in the future, then it will be possible.


thanks a lot…

Thank you very much, i already try to figure out how it works with my rm4 pro.

Hi. Did this work with ihost?

I am also keen on this or does anyone know if I can integrate any other IR such as Tuya smart IR with ihost ewelink cube?

Have you used IFTTT, a quick look shows they have Broadlink integration so should be able to expose webhooks through there and use something like Node Red to interact between the two, do you have iHost?