IP Address Ihost

Good evening everyone, I wanted to know how to set a static IP address for Ihost, since at every start it changes from or
Thanks Luca

I solved it by setting Ihost static IP in the router configuration. Thanks everyone

I don’t know if iHost currently offers that feature

I have assigned a fixed IP address to iHost in the DNS Server on my router

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It is not possible at the moment. I did the same what @andy.wolf suggested. In any router in the DHCP settings you can assign a “fixed” IP address to a MAC address. And the DHCP server will always assign the same IP address to that device. It works just fine.

good morning, thank you for the information, this evening I will try to change the settings on the router.

On Mikrotik I put static IP but still I-host gets new ip on every reboot. Is it so difficult to make static ip settings? if not thru web interface mayby telnet/ssh or something else.

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I can’t access iHost via http://ihost.local/ or local.ihost

My router does not have the function of assigning fixed IPs to devices. So I need to access the DHCP list every time a new IP is assigned to the IHOST.

In this DHCP list, the hostname is blank.

Can you change the name of the device in your router operating system? The MAC remains constant, but is hard to remember. On one of my router pages I can change the friendly name but in the other there is friendly name

I suspect you can get round this utilising a local equivalent of a dyamic DNS server installed in a docker but Ive never tried.

I have the same issue with my Mikrotik