Fixed ip adres

I would like to enter a fixed ip address in the ihost. Now I keep getting a different ip address when I restart it. There is no option in the ihost to do this yourself. Maybe something for the latest update?

You can assign a static IP address to iHost on your router!

I know that I can hand out fixed IP addresses to my router. But I want to replace my router soon and then I have to put all the devices back in. If I can put a barrel of IP address in the device, it saves me a lot of work.

the IP is assigned by the router, it is not fixed in the device, that’s why you need to configure on router.


Is it possible to use the address localhost or dns ihost.local in NodeRed ?
Here I fixed the IP worked fine, but some routers this is not possible.

I can place a lot of devices with a fixed IP address here in the house: HP switches, tpLink controller, tplink access points, zyxel nas , Raritan pdu .I know I can fix it in the router, but I won’t because I regularly buy a new router. I think it’s a shortcoming that the ihost can’t be set up yourself.

Depending on the brand of the router, you might be able to export and/or import DHCP reservations. That might help you to overcome the fact that you can’t put an ip address in the ihost itself.

I fixed the address on the router (Mikrotik 24nhs-Routerboard) but the iHost does not comply!!
So it cannot run simple services like Mosquitto. NodeRed for instance does not accept ‘ihost.local’ as the server address!

In short: The iHost has potential, but as long as simple issues like fixed IP, SSD storage/run, and Tasmota compatibility are not fixed, the iHost is nothing more than a LED piece of furniture.
I slowly get to the conclusion that I better buy an Intel N100 or so micro pc. I have already a few of those acting as PC, but at about 7 Watt when in use they could replace the Raspberry Pi 3b’s that do iot stuff at about 4 Watt (with SSD).
Configuring those might be easier than getting the iHost to comply to my standards.
I do not have many Ewelink native equipment ’ not Tasmota’d’ and those that have stock firmware do not work on iHost either! (Sonoff USB switch)

so, soon on : iHost 4G for sale.

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when is the update for fixing a fixed ip adress??? I can put a fixed IP address in the device itself on all my equipment, except the ihost. I was hoping you could fix this with an update. I can also set a fixed IP address in a professional switch, router, UPS and more. It was so widely announced that this was the device that can do everything, even assign a fixed IP address

I was trying to remember. I don’t think any Sonoff device has this option.