Add iHost IP Address to App Device Settings Page

In the App, the iHost MAC address, device ID etc are displayed, but not the last known IP address. It is difficult for users to track down the ‘dynamic’ IP address of the iHost. May I propose that the IP address is added too? Perhaps showing the time that it was last using that address?

To other users, I do not need guidance on how to establish the iHost with a long-term IP address from the DHCP server… that’s a different matter! Likewise, this is not the same request, or going against my previous request to be able to set a static IP address to the iHost during the setup phase.

The IP address is displayed along with device id, MAC number and CUBE version. Which version of iHost software are you using?

As shown with the attachment, there is no IP Address displayed in the app and this should be simple to add, because, like you point out, the IP address is displayed in the iHost settings page though the iHost portal (be that ihost.local or IP address).

This request is all about making it easier for the user to glean the IP address of the unit which they need to login an ihost.local may not resolve.