Device settings in iHost

Is it in plan to include all the device settings for each device in iHost as well? I am thinking about options like: inching settings, power-on state, network indicator and other device specific setting.
Currently these can only be set from eWeLink app.
Thank you.

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If you want to be able to set the device, the device must provide such a capability API within the LAN. The firmware of most wifi devices does not provide these capability within the LAN, which means iHost cannot set them up within the LAN.

Getting hardware manufacturers to change and upgrade their firmware is a complex and massive undertaking, so don’t get your hopes up. At present, the biggest purpose of eWeLink CUBE is to enable the device to be controlled locally and to achieve automation away from the cloud.

Still I too would really appreciate such a power the ˵power-on state remember capability˶, it could be a functionality of iHost instead of a device dependent capability.