In the Scene, we are not able to take an action over FAN speed device? only over the light


I have the iFan04 device, I was trying to create a Scene where IF the FAN is on for 2 hours it stops automatically (my kids normally turn on the FAN and they forget to stop it :grimacing:)

But i realize that we can only manage the Light of the IFan04 Not the FAN speed.

Please If you have any suggestion will be very appreciated


Hi there, actually, the fan speed can be added to Scene action. The problem here is that one device cannot be set as both condition and action. When you add iFan04 to the condition, you won’t be able to add it to the action at the same time. Hope it helps:)

Hi Peter! thanks for your answer!, I good be good if we are able to add the IFAN04 in both (condition and Action) at the same time, in order to solve my scenario ;)… people turn de FAN and forget to shut it down.


Yep, this feature would be helpful, however, there will be an obvious risk. For example, you have created a scene like, if A is ON, then A OFF. That would cause an endless loop. The rule is that every time you turn on the light or a switch, it would be turned off, too. Then how could the light or switch stay on?

I understand that this could be risky and prone for issues but I have a use case for a single device to be an action and condition as well, could this be considered?

Sure, our team will look further into this feature. We’ll let you know when there is any update. Thank you!

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Check in the image above, I can’t select the FAN Speed, only the Status of the Light.

Please kindly note that Fan speed can only be added to Action. In Condition, you can only select On/Off.

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