Scene limit, cannot test and act on the same device

Hi! I’m encountering a limit on the scene creation. I can’t test the status of a smart device (like a mini r2) and act on the same device in the same scene
Eg i would like to setup a scene like this:


  • light1 is off
  • Turn Light1 on
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Turn light1 off

But I can’t select light1 in the “then” section if is already in the “if” section.

This limit is willed? There’s a way to workaround? Is quite limitating :frowning:

Currently, the same device cannot be used as a trigger condition and also as an execution action. Can you tell us what the actual application scenario of this requirement is? Why trigger itself to turn on execution after the light is off? What kind of practical application is it for

Hi Alexie,

sure; the application should be, for examle my actual situation:

I’ve one zigbee movement sensor and a light on a patio; the patio’s light is controlled by a sonoff mini r2 and a phisical switch connected to the sonoff.

I would like to turn on the light automatically when I step in the patio and let the light switch off automaticalli after 5 minutes (and that is doable in the actual situation), BUT, If i switch on manually the light, I don’t want thet the light will switch off after 5 minutes. in this case the scene should be:

motion sensor trigger AND
patio light is OFF
patio light = ON

waith 5 minutes
patio light = OFF

without the possibility to test the status of the patio’s light AND act on it, if I switch on manually the light and then step into the patio, the light will be swithced off by the scene and I’ve not the chance to avoid it.

hope I’m able to explain what I want to acheive :slight_smile:

Intersting point of view and resonable request.