I think a usb storage device is a much better idea

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Indeed. I was pretty surprised when I inserted an USB mass storage that the iHost did recognize it, but during formatting it says there is not TF card.

Yeah, I also had problems with SD card!
I’ve tried to use the memory card that I bought together with iHost from the same seller. Really frustrating that they sell memory cards that are not compatible.
What went wrong? I installed the 128GB Kingstom Canvas Select Plus memory card that came together with iHost, and it worked fine for a week. But then, after I try to update something on the docker images, it fried the SD card! Now I am using a 32GB WD Purple SD card, as they work fine under high demand of writhing and reading constantly.

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Before we buy the iHost, there are so many Bètatesters and no-one has detected or complaints this big problem.
This is now one of the reason we cant use the iHost, the early seale was to early I guess :sob:
How happy I was that time the postman came with the package, so sad I am now whit the iHost back in the box to wait for a good update.
All bye all, I trust the technician and think they can make it possible to full operate the iHost in the future :wink:

You’re right. It’s indeed very strange. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have no problem with any of SD cards tested. My device runs on eWeLink CUBE Version 1.5.3. The update to this version occurred immediately after the initial launch and before any SD card was inserted.

When I restart my iHost, it tells me that the card is not inserted. I get the containers in the docker, but as not installed. Then, I remove and reinsert the card and after a while, it recognizes it and the installed containers appear.
When will they send again updates fixing these things?
Can we see somewhere the roadmap of planned updates?

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Pareil que vous, j’ai acheté la sdcard Kingston Canvas Select plus 64gB C10 préconisée qui comme vous ne fonctionne pas

Tested version 1.6.0, so far it seems to work correctly and allows uninstalling Docker containers without problems.
The card has not given problems again.
Tomorrow I will receive a new 128 Gb V30 U3, bought specifically for this device and I hope that everything will work correctly.

Hi. I need to buy a new TF card for iHost. Have the issues with V30 cards been sorted? Should I go for a V30 or a non-V30 card?

I think they are solved. I bought this and very well, without any problem.
SanDisk Tarjeta microSDXC Extreme de 128 GB + adaptador SD + RescuePRO Deluxe de hasta 190 MB/s, con rendimiento de aplicación A2, UHS-I, Clase 10, U3, V30 https://amzn.eu/d/2AMuFkd

Thanks Alejandro. I bought a 128gb Sandisk Extreme card and it is working well.

Hi SanDisk 128GB Extreme worked.

if I was starting again I"d go USB SSD. I had a working micro SD in an RP that died and it was a PITA


Hi Does Anyone know While attempt to install any app on docker, it says " Download interrupted" Thanks

Wow, Okay its April 2024 and a year has gone by , I read a lot after the mistake of purchasing a beautiful dream not to come true. … I’ll skip my past and get right into why I am reading this today. Amazon purchase, had for two days used two different cards I spent my entire Sunday erasing and formatting and neither worked, wasted 8 hours trying to format micro SD cards alone. Figuring I would wait past the hour of this might take some time … my first format went well and downloading the first docker file kept failing, once I made it to 0.12 GB. But mostly saw it stop at 0.02 GB , 0.05 and 0.06 after the last and final try, I said enough is enough and back in the box it went. I want to get another but will purchase some new SD cards first. I never even heard of a TF card.

SD is a trademark and necessitates paying a fee TF is just the same thing without the fee.
Try an SSD now the USB port works at the back. It might let you get away without having one. I’ve had an SD card die on a raspberry Pi 3B and it was really annoying. SSD are more reliable. You may wish to get the name of one that definitely works though as Home Assistant on the 3B didn’t like all SSD, but the 4 and 5 did, but now they’re picky about NVME drives instead. The USB port didn’t work when I found a card that worked. My good expensive cards didn’t work but a cheap no name one did. If I ever need to reinstall on my iHost I shall be testing an SSD.

Micro SD and TF card are the same thing/standard under different names. Do you mind downloading a full log and DM me/or submit a support ticket in the settings? So our dev team can take a look.

Thx in advance.

Can justan USB connected SSD now be used and will we able to move our current installation from the TF card to an external SSD?