An error occurs when running the Add-on

An error occurs when running the Add-on. What is the reason?

Probably related to the TF card / Micro SD card. Re-inserting the card or use another card might help.
eWeLink & Sonoff are aware of the issue and working on a fix to improve the reliability of the Micro SD card.
You can search the forum to see related topics: Search results for 'tf card' - eWeLink Forum

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Yes, I will back up @joennuh on this one. I had the same problem. tf card. Newer isn’t always better. Try a smaller (even older) class 10 card, 32GB or so.

I use two 32gb cards. Same problem with both.
iHOST does not detect my 64GB card.

My 64GB card of Samsung EVO Plus is recognized, but the “formatting”(1) times out and thus the card doesn’t get fully prepared for the usage of Docker.

(1) = The formatting actually gets performed as Windows doesn’t recognize the card, but not the filesystem. Probably writing the folder structure required for Docker times out. My guess is that the watchdog timer is to tight for the process. Actually preparing of the card should be a seperate process from the HTTP request of the formatting. Now it seems to be linked to each other. Another process should check the progress of the preparation and send back the status to the webinterface.

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remove the TF card and reboot iHost, then insert TF card, if still doesn’t work, please wait for a firmware update.