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problem with host after update 1.5.5 card does not format and does not read

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Please confirm whether your card is V30 (Video Speed Class 30) standard. If yes, we are still solving the problem of this standard card. It is expected that a new version will be released to support it before 15th.

my card is memory card class 10

problem after last update

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Same problem after upgrade to 1.5.5

Sandisk 64 Gb Ultra Sdxc, class 10

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Sandisk 64GB C10 A1 card was working perfectly until 1.5.5 update (installed May 7).

After reboot a card format was demanded by the software, the card was inaccessible. All docker installs and settings gone, card will not format, and I’m out of ideas.

Can I at least roll back to the previous firmware to make the device useful again?

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After the 1.5.5 update, IHost no longer recognizes the card that was installed (Sandisk Classe 10, 32Gb). The installed applications and the existing automations are gone.

@felipe_flavio @m.cecchetto @morne @marcos_brainer
Sorry for the inconvenience, feedback received, it’s wired that some users upgraded smoothly without issue as we tested process goes, and we are working on to locate and sort out the possible reasons caused this urgently, get back to you once we have some clue.

Hey guys,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and we have located it and will release a fixed update V1.6.0 by 15 May.

And before then, here’s the temporary solution to smooth the procedure,

For users who are using class 10 TF cards, please try to unplug the card, reboot the iHost and then put the card back in, this may bypass the unaccessible of the card and docker unavailable issue, we have run a quick and roughly testing that all backs after doing this.

For V30 TF card users, the try out upon may not works, because there is a more complicated compatible issue with the V30 cards, we are working on that and expected to fix it with the V1.6.0 update.

Free to let us know if it works and other issues you may have.