iHost takes 8 seconds while eWeLink only 4 for the same Scene

Hi, I installed iHost with the expectation to work faster as it’s in the local network unlike eWeLink which needs internet connection. The scene is the same, running on iHost or on eWeLink: ZigBee Motion senzor triggers ZigBee light switch. I’m using Motion senzor instead of presence sensor because it’s faster to trigger the scene. iHost does the scene in 8 seconds while eWeLink in 4 seconds. I presume the reason is that motion sensor iz connected to another ZigBee router, not directly to iHost as it’s on another floor. I presume the issue is that Docker “eWeLink Smart Home” on iHost is required in this set-up to Control eWeLink’s LAN devices in iHost.
Any suggestions how to make that response faster?

Is the motion sensor paired directly with iHost or is it paired with another device and communicates with iHost via an add-on?

The motion sensor iz connected to another ZBBridge-P (Zigbee Bridge PRO), not directly to iHost as it’s on another floor. It’s a three-story house. ZBBridge-P is in the basement, NSPanelPro-gateway is on the first floor and iHost and NSPanelPro bound as router to first NSPanelPro-gateway they are on the second floor.

So, the Zigbee bridge is connected to the eWeLink cloud, yes? If this is the case, a longer delay in response is normal. However, 8 seconds is really a lot. Has it always been like this or is this some new thing?
Is your sensor from Sonoff? Which model is it?

All devices are from Sonoff. Zigbee bridge is connected to the eWeLink cloud, to be visible in iHost also. I’ll try again tomorrow. Can I have the same Scenes on both eWeLink cloud and iHost at the same time? I remember having problems with iHost scenes not responding in that case. I’m now switching off same scenes in the cloud when testing locally.

Of course, you can. Keep in mind that parallel scenes are a potential source of conflict. I have thought about this many times and have done some experiments. It seems that iHost scenes do not have priority. I sent queries to the eWeLink guys about this. They have not replied. I have the impression that they themselves do not know how to approach this issue. This is not the first time they have offered a feature that is not documented. All in all, it is not clear how it is solved from the eWeLink cloud side.
It is impossible to clearly identify a favourite. You have to judge for yourself whether local scene execution is of more value to you than access and control via the cloud. One thing is certain. For devices directly connected to iHost (including WiFi in LAN mode), scenes in local mode are executed without lag and are not susceptible to internet transfer fluctuations or eWeLink cloud issues. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that the Rusk hackers became unusually hyperactive, causing occasional routing disruptions. Execution times for cloud-based scenes were severely extended. Over the last year, the eWeLink servers have had problems a few times, with obvious results. Look for posts on this topic on the forum.

Hi. Yes i also had an iHost. I also thought it would be a great asset to my smart home setup…What a shockker. I used it 2 months and packed it back in its box and wrapping. Trying to sell it now. I have 53 devices and 57 automations on my eWelink app. Nobody told me it wont work on iHost…its much much too slow. I exchanged a lot of email complaints to iTead and Sonoff, they all had plans and questions and no answers. Sell your iHost and save yourself headaches.

I revisited my issue, and it looks to me that having the same scenes in both iHost and eWlink cloud confuses devices. E.g. when I have both turned on then I turn off eWelink scenes only leaving iHost ones on, they do not function. Un syncing-syncing devices again and recreating iHost scenes because they are lost by the procedure, and iHost triggers in 2 seconds as expected. I guess I need to create a “laboratory environment” for this as playing with scenes in use creates too much work. (there is no backup-restore)

No pain, no gain :tipping_hand_man: