iHost Smart Scene not working for TRV

Hi team I facing two issue doing the configuration of a Smart Scene for my TRV.

I have 7 TRV that should control the power of the Boiler, to do this I created :

  • A SmartScene to turn ON the Boiler : I added to it all the TRV using as trigger the status “Heating” and with the “IF” condition configured as “Any condition is met”
    No problem with this configuration, it is working very well

  • A SmartScene to turn OFF the Boiler : I added to it all the TRV using as trigger the status “Keeping”
    Here I found the first issue, as soon as you add the second and any next TRV when you try to set the trigger to use the “Keeping” status, it will not update the selected TRV but it will update always the first in the list that you edited.
    Due to this to properly configure the scene the only way that I have found is to save the scene each time that a have completed the configuration of a TRV and then open it again and add one more TRV.
    After that all the TRV are added, then I have configured the “IF” condition as “All condition are met”, in this way I will turn OFF the Boiler only when all the TRV are closed.
    Now I’m facing the second issue, basically this scene is not getting always triggered and the Boiler is remaining ON, it is random, some time works some time not.

This same configuration was working very well in eWeLine Mobile App, but I woulike to controll it locally and not with the remote App.

Could you please have a look to this bug?

This is the Final configuration for the Turn OFF Scene

This is the Video of the Turn OFF Scene that is not working

Thanks in advance


thank you for the detailed information, we’ve found the cause of the issue 1, will fix it soon.
for the issue 2, please submit the system logs via the feedback button, we’ll do some check.

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Hi, do you mean the log in attach?
98f42cd7-adf5-403b-a19a-e8fc1455f1ce.zip (403 Bytes)

The log you submitted is operation log.
What we need is system log, which can be downloaded in setting page here.

Hi, in attach the log
Log.zip (2.3 MB)

I hope it will help.


From the log you submitted, all the scene works fine.
In following timing( UTC time ), the scene is succeed:
[2024-03-11T16:30:34.020Z] device 0ceff6fffedda736 became “KEEPING”
[2024-03-11T16:30:36.819Z] scene triggered(multiple TRVs are in keeping status)
[2024-03-11T16:30:36.816Z] turn off device 804b50fffeb34fca succeed

And we try to reproduce the scene and it also works well.

Can you share the exact time(to the second) of the failed scene?
And the device id of devices are needed as well.

First of all thank for the support, it is greet to know that you are looking to the log to understand what is happening!

The issue is a bit random, to show you better i prepared a new viedo

This is the new LOG
NewLog.zip (2.5 MB)

About the Devices ID
Caldaia : 804b50fffeb34fca
V Sog Finestra : 3410f4fffee30275
V Sog Ingresso : 0ceff6fffedcb6ba
V Sog Retro : 0ceff6fffeb9186d
V Cucina : 0ceff6fffedc97ee

In this scenario the problem seems here with the “V Cucina” device, but this is random, it is not linked to this device, if you look on the log attached you can see that it was happening on the past also with other devices.
e[91m[2024-03-13T21:30:10.925Z] [ERROR] default -e[39m #runTQA trigger fail, runTQAData={“sid”:6,“checkTriggerResult”:{“triggered”:false,“triggerResults”:[{“error”:"deviceEventTriggers not found(0ceff6fffedc97ee)“}],“ts”:1710365410924},“meta”:{“start”:“2024-03-13T21:30:10.874Z”,“end”:“2024-03-13T21:30:10.925Z”,“ctx”:{“type”:“deviceStateChanged”,“payload”:{“serial_number”:“0ceff6fffedc97ee”,“changeState”:{“voltage”:{“voltage”:130.3}}},“sid”:6,“eventId”:“41a291fb-11d7-48df-ab36-c193c3af5274”,”_triggerDeviceState":{}}},“sceneInfo”:{“sid”:6,“scene_type”:“condition”,“operations”:[{“sotid”:8,“idx”:0,“action_type”:“device”,“device_info”:{“type”:“device”,“serial_number”:“804b50fffeb34fca”,“params”:{“power”:{“powerState”:“off”}}}}],“opt_ranges”:[{“sorid”:5,“type”:“any”,“days”:[0,1,2,3,4,5,6],“start_hour”:0,“end_hour”:0,“start_min”:0,“end_min”:0}],“create_at”:1710364351450,“update_at”:1710364462408,“scene_type_index”:-2,“condition”:{“type”:“and”,“enable”:true,“keep_state”:false,“triggers”:[{“scttid”:33,“trigger_type”:“device”,“device_info”:{“type”:“device”,“serial_number”:“3410f4fffee30275”,“expression”:{“conditions”:{“all”:[{“fact”:“thermostat”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“INACTIVE”,“path”:“$.adaptive-recovery-status.adaptiveRecoveryStatus”}]}}}},{“scttid”:34,“trigger_type”:“device”,“device_info”:{“type”:“device”,“serial_number”:“0ceff6fffedcb6ba”,“expression”:{“conditions”:{“all”:[{“fact”:“thermostat”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“INACTIVE”,“path”:“$.adaptive-recovery-status.adaptiveRecoveryStatus”}]}}}},{“scttid”:35,“trigger_type”:“device”,“device_info”:{“type”:“device”,“serial_number”:“0ceff6fffeb9186d”,“expression”:{“conditions”:{“all”:[{“fact”:“thermostat”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“INACTIVE”,“path”:“$.adaptive-recovery-status.adaptiveRecoveryStatus”}]}}}},{“scttid”:36,“trigger_type”:“device”,“device_info”:{“type”:“device”,“serial_number”:“0ceff6fffedc97ee”,“expression”:{“conditions”:{“all”:[{“fact”:“thermostat”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“INACTIVE”,“path”:“$.adaptive-recovery-status.adaptiveRecoveryStatus”}]}}}}]}}}

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I’m not sure if this is related, but I have a Smart Scene set up that sets all TRVs back to Auto at Midnight. I wanted to enhance this by resetting back to Auto at Noon as well, but the Smart Scene will not accept a second (or more) timer setting.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the hint, but let see if the team is able to find a proper fix.


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One scene can’t allowed multiple timers.
Create one more scene with the same configuration is recommended.

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But why using the same scene in eWeLink I never faced that issue?

This is happening only for the scene that is using the "All condition are met” condition.

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I was replying to @wired_dave .
We’re still trying pinpoint your problem.
You’ll hear from us as soon as we find out what’s wrong.
Sorry for the inconvenience again.


Or recreate it in Node Red and you can have two triggers…
I spent a lot of time recreating my scenes. It would be nice if there was a way to export scenes in the Node Red export format. The only limitation I can think of is the AND. I use Boolean Logic Ultimate.