iHost shows obsolete devices in ewelink.smart-home container

I have two iHosts. One for myself and one will be going to a friend, once everything is stable. We have two accounts. my-account and friend-account. In the ewelink-smart-home container I logged in with the wrong account once. Since that time the wrong devices are listed in the Web UI area - with the ID and the message “Not under your account”. I’d like a cleanup option where I can get rid of those remainders.

If the LAN devices are not on the LAN that the iHost connected, the options will be disappeared once you refresh the addon.
After you pass the iHost to your friend, it will discover your friend’s LAN devices automatically.

Thanks, @Daniel_Zhan. Neither refreshing the device list nor restarting the container get’s rid of the orphaned entries. But I just realized that this is because it sees the device in the LAN, but cannot manage them,

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